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After over 35 years of trial practice, I only handle insurance bad faith claims, and catastrophic personal injury claims.  Almost all of our clients come from referrals by other lawyers, or doctors, who are tired of seeing their patients suffer unnecessarily, from wrongful insurance company denials.  The purpose of this website is to provide clients, the public, and even our opponents with information about bad faith claims, catastrophic injury claims, and how I handle them.

The People We Serve

My firm only represents people, and small businesses. I do not represent large corporations or insurance companies.  Most people earning a living wage would have difficulty, if not complete inability, to pay the fees and costs associated with taking on the size of cases and adversaries I deal with. Therefore, I charge a contingency fee. I only get paid if our efforts on your case lead to a payout by the other side.

Insurance Bad Faith is really a simple concept. But because of the work and evidence required to prove bad faith, it is considered complex litigation. Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance representative unfairly delays, denies, or diminishes the coverage you are entitled to. The law recognizes that the damages from delay are in a category of their own.

A Catastrophic Injury is one that requires significant resources to recover.  I have handled cases that involve death, paralysis from both trauma and chemical causes, as well as injuries necessitating surgeries, and causing significant disability. The goal of these cases is always to give you a way back to productivity and dignity.

If you do have any questions about a potential case of your own, feel free to contact us by email or telephone.  When we are open, a live person will almost always answer the phone.  You will only get a recording if no one is available to answer the phone at that moment.  But your call will be returned promptly. If you are starting from ground zero, I suggest you begin with the FAQ page. Thank you for giving us a look.

When a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim overlap.

Understanding Your Insurance. Read Case Histories I haven’t reviewed yet.

Many of my settlements over the years are pledged to Confidentiality. But the facts are public and give you an example of how the case occurred.

He was able to prove the liability was with the other driver and ensure a higher than expected settlement on my behalf.  He was a true professional and a dedicated advocate. I highly recommend Mr. Hommel if you want the best representation available.

Carla C. Carter

Mission Statement

Our goal is to achieve what the law is intended to do: Protecting Families, Exposing Corrupt and Unsafe Practices, Making Things Right. No one plans on injury or tragedy. Death and injuries occur because someone consciously chose to ignore common safety or responsible insurance practices.

“I referred Bob Hommel a difficult bad faith case. Bob was a passionate advocate for my client and obtained a significant trial verdict”

Diane Silver, Attorney

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