Case Results

If you’re searching for an Arizona attorney with experience in wrongful death, negligence or injury law, it’s good to know the results of previous cases. Below, you’ll find brief summaries of cases and the settlements our lawyers achieved – from wrongful death to bad faith insurance claims. If you need help with a case, call 480-778-0123 to set up a FREE consultation with our law firm, located in Scottsdale and servicing the Phoenix metro area.

Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith.

$1.5 million jury verdict for denial of surgery.

Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith.

$1.1 million jury verdict for denial of coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith.

$600,000.00 jury verdict for a delay in monthly disability benefits.

Motorcycle Accident.

$750,000.00 settlement for compound ankle fracture.

Organophosphate Poisoning.

A confidential settlement was obtained after a client’s exposure to neurotoxic chemicals (in bug spray) caused quadriplegia.

Health Insurance.

Confidential settlement and reinstatement of coverage after denial of surgery.

Homeowner’s Insurance.

Settlement achieved after the carrier low balled replacement values after a burglary.

Life Insurance.

Denial of life insurance benefits resulted in a confidential settlement for our client.

Construction Accident.

$122,000.00 settlement after a construction worker fell through an improperly nailed truss.

Slip And Fall.

$115,000.00 settlement for a slip and fall on an unmarked, wet floor.

Rear End Accident.

As an example of what can happen when your attorney is not prepared, or willing, to go to trial, our client’s previous attorney told her to accept a $9,000.00 offer as top dollar. She transferred the case to us. We litigated it, obtaining an award in excess of the $25,000.00 of insurance coverage available.

Workers’ Compensation.

$120,000.00 for loss of earning capacity, and a confidential settlement for bad faith delay in benefits.