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Case Studies

At the Law Office of Robert J. Hommel, PC. we handle many types of Bad Faith, Workers Compensation and other related cases. Below are some recent cases that we have been involved with. Please contact us if you’d to discuss your possible case and how we might assist you. Free consultations.

Sedgwick Claims Management/XL Specialty Insurance

Jury verdict of $5.8 million after wrongful delay of authorization for back surgery resulted in permanent neurological damage.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Our client received a $1.5 million jury verdict. The jury found that the workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s denial of treatment for legally established injuries was bad faith.

American Home Assurance / AIG Claim Services

A jury awarded $1.1 million for a workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s attempt to deny back surgery as a pre-existing condition.

Fairmont Insurance​

Our client received a jury of verdict of $600,000.00 for the insurance company’s failure to pay advance disability benefits while the final amount was under determination by the Industrial Commission.

Worker's Compensation Bad Faith

Our client received a confidential settlement after the workers’ compensation carrier denied the claim, and then conducted an independent medical examination to investigate. Even though the IME supported the claim, the carrier continued to deny benefits contrary to its own IME.

Organophosphate Poisoning

A confidential settlement was obtained after our client’s exposure to neurotoxic chemicals resulted in quadriplegia.

Health Insurance

Our client received a confidential settlement after the insurance company rescinded coverage after our client filed a claim for surgery.

Home Owners Insurance

Settlement achieved after the carrier low-balled replacement values after a burglary.

Life Insurance

Denial of death benefits resulted in confidential settlement for our client.

Construction Liability Insurance

Our general contractor client received a confidential settlement after denial of a construction defect claim.

Disability Benefits

Benefits were reinstated after we “reinvestigated” the claim and provided a report to the insurance carrier.

Occupational Accident Insurance

An independent courier driver was severely injured in a motor vehicle crash, where the other driver was 100% at fault. The hospital bills were staggering. The occupational accident insurer denied coverage. During litigation, the carrier agreed to pay all of the previous denied bills, plus $600,000.00 to the courier for aggravations to her injuries, and emotional distress, from the denial of coverage.  The settlement was originally confidential. However, the carrier subsequently agreed to rescind confidentiality so that it could sue the IME doctor advising it not to pay the claim.

Work Comp: SCF Arizona

Carrier denied total knee replacement for 69 year old supervisor after suffering a meniscus tear in an industrial accident. Carrier alleged pre-existing degenerative condition. After litigation, the Industrial Commission awarded the total knee replacement because the industrial accident resulted in a permanent symptomatic aggravation of the degenerative condition for which knee replacement was necessary.

Personal Injury: State Farm

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Her attorney was telling her to accept the $9,000 offered by the insurance company as top dollar. We took over the case, got her medical care that restored her health, and then litigated the case to a result in excess of the other drivers $25,000 coverage.

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