Law Office of Robert J. Hommel, PC.

Peer Evaluations

I have known Robert Hommel for approximately seven years and have worked with him on a number of cases. I have been an expert witness for him in other cases and am quite familiar with his work. Based on my years of practice, my observations as a practicing lawyer, appellate lawyer, and appellate judge, I believe Mr. Hommel is one of the most thorough, careful lawyers who work in the field of workers’ compensation, torts, insurance coverage, and bad faith. He is extremely competent, honest, and simply one of the best lawyers I know in these fields.

Stanley Feldman

Former Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, on post-trial application for attorney fees.

Affiant is acquainted with Bob Hommel and knows him to have a high level of expertise in the area of insurance bad faith claim litigation. There is no one in Arizona that has a higher level of expertise or skill in this practice area than Bob Hommel.

Frederick Berry

Former Deputy Director for the Arizona Department of Insurance, on post-trial application for attorney fees.

A workers compensation bad faith case is more novel and difficult than a standard first-party bad faith case. Over the course of my career, I have been involved in cases involving workers compensation issues. I have seen workers compensation cases where it appeared to me extreme bad faith was being committed towards injured workers. In fact, it is my opinion that both qualitatively and quantitatively there is more bad faith in workers compensation than many other areas of first-party insurance. I have discussed potential bad faith actions in workers compensation cases with other attorneys over the course of my career. In my experience it is very difficult to find an attorney competent, or willing, to handle workers compensation bad faith.

I know of no other attorneys with Mr. Hommel’s qualifications to do this, having substantial experience in both workers compensation and tort law trials.

Leroy Hofmann

Attorney since 1959, former Judge Pro Tem for Maricopa County Superior Court and Arizona Court of Appeals, on post-trial application for attorney fees.
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