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Robert Hommel has over 30 years litigating worker’s compensation claims. He has over 35 years litigating personal injury claims. For 13 years, he represented insurance companies. That experience taught him several lessons: 1) Worker’s compensation carriers will sometimes frivolously deny worker’s compensation benefits, because the worst they can get at the Industrial Commission of Arizona, is in Order to pay the benefits. Sometimes there is a “What have we got to lose?” attitude. 2) Other insurance products do not always function as they were intended to, for similar revenue producing reasons. 3) When someone has a worker’s compensation claim, that is also a personal injury claim because of third party involvement, problems can occur if your lawyer isn’t familiar with both areas of law.

The guiding principle of workers compensation is a trade of tort rights in exchange for expedited, no-fault benefits. Grammatico v. Ind. Comm. Unreasonable denials frustrate that purpose.

“Often the insured is in an especially vulnerable economic position when a casualty loss occurs.” Nobel v. National American Life Ins. Co.

Most any injury related to your work should be covered under the worker’s compensation system. However, special circumstances occur when your injury is caused, or contributed to, by someone or something unrelated to your employer. For example, what happens if you are in a car crash during work related travel? You may have both a worker’s compensation claim, and a personal injury (third-party) claim.

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