Our freedom is built upon the foundation, that we all have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with reasonable care for the safety of others, in our activities. That is the purpose of traffic laws, standards of care for professionals, and regulations for businesses. We’re supposed to play by the rules, not for the sake of the rule, but for safety of our community. Injuries usually happen because someone chose to ignore a safety rule, for their personal convenience.

Compensatory damages are designed to help relieve the burden caused by negligently inflicted injuries. They include consideration for the nature, extent, and duration of the injury; the loss of health; anxiety; medical expenses; loss of earnings or future earning capacity; loss of the usual familial companionship; and loss of enjoyment of life. While it is often difficult to place a value on the intangible elements of injury, it is the civilized alternative to “an eye for eye.” Do you remember the case in the news, from Saudi Arabia, where a quadriplegia victim was demanding the perpetrator be rendered quadriplegic, as the lawful measure of justice? Our system of justice compensates with money. Although imperfect, it is a far sight better than revenge.

When rules designed to prevent injury are deliberately ignored, either with the purpose of causing injury or with reckless disregard to the risk that the conduct might significantly injure the rights of others, punitive damages may be recoverable.

“All the tranquility, the happiness and security of mankind rest on justice, on the obligation to respect the rights of others.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).

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