Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies collect premium dollars in exchange for nothing more than a promise to provide financial security if you are one of the statistical few to whom the insured risk occurs. Insurance is based on a philosophy of pooling the risk for the protection of the group. Risks of loss cannot be totally eliminated, but the financial impact of losses incurred, can be protected from, through various forms of insurance. Insurance provides peace of mind, and a willingness to become entrepreneurs. Insurance enables people and business to continue operating following a loss. When insurance companies break their promise, while an insured is most vulnerable, the injuries can be far greater than the mere loss of benefits. The law of bad faith allows recovery of the full scope of harms and losses caused by a broken promise to insure.

“The primary duty of the claim representative is to deliver the promise to pay. Therefore, the claim representative’s chief task is to seek and find coverage, not to seek and find coverage controversies or to deny or dispute claims.” The Claims Environment, First Ed., Insurance Institute of America.

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